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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Investment Strategy with Our Portfolio of Investment Grade and 1031-Eligible Properties. Diversify Your Investments and Personalize Your Portfolio to Achieve Your Unique Investment Objectives!

Our portfolio is a strategic investment solution that delivers on multiple fronts, offering a tax-deferred path to high returns through a diverse collection of top-performing commercial properties. Carefully selected and expertly managed, these properties provide a low-maintenance source of passive income, giving investors the peace of mind that comes with a diversified investment portfolio. Whether you’re looking to grow your wealth, secure your financial future, or simply enjoy the benefits of passive income, our portfolio is the smart choice for savvy investors pursuing investment grade real estate opportunities across generations.


Investment Grade Properties offer a compelling real estate investment opportunity that leverages three critical market factors. These factors include the quality of the tenant, the terms of the lease, and the location of the property. By combining these three elements, investors can position themselves for long-term success in the real estate market. 

Tenant: Ensuring a dependable tenant is a paramount consideration in mitigating investment risk. Investment-grade properties are leased to creditworthy corporate tenants with a well-established reputation for reliability. These tenants are renowned industry leaders with the financial fortitude to support their lease commitments. The tenant’s corporate credit rating serves as a key determinant of the investor’s risk level. A higher credit rating translates to lower risk exposure for the investor. 

Lease: The underlying value of a property is established when it is sold with a long-term net lease to a corporate-backed guarantee. This type of lease typically includes contractual rent escalations and renewal options and is characterized by terms spanning ten years or more. 

Location: The combination of a creditworthy tenant and a long-term net lease yields an investment that is highly resistant to economic downturns. Furthermore, the strategic placement of the property in a high-traffic location guarantees sustained demand and value appreciation. It is worth noting that most of the leased buildings are relatively new and already generating income, situated in regions with robust local demographics. 

These three robust market factors collectively constitute a formidable shield for safeguarding your investment. The individual appeal of each factor is compelling, but their combined strength is attracting national investors, including REITS and mutual funds, to explore these investment opportunities. Moreover, Investment Grade Income Properties offer the added reassurance of providing stable cash flow for an extended period, assuring you of peace of mind concerning your investment. 

Given the impressive value proposition presented by these properties, have you begun to recognize the vast potential for investment gains? Let us now take a moment to re-examine our findings and further amplify the myriad benefits that can be derived from investing in investment grade properties. 

True Passive Income: When a top-tier tenant signs a long-term NNN or absolute net lease for your property, the result is true passive income. With zero maintenance, expense liability, or management responsibilities, you have complete freedom and minimal effort required to manage the property. Your only monthly duties are paying the mortgage, if applicable, and collecting rent. This level of autonomy and potential for substantial financial gains is truly exciting. Can you envision the vast investment opportunities that await? 

Equity Preservation: Investment grade real estate is a proven safeguard against economic downturns and market turbulence. With a dependable corporate tenant consistently meeting rent obligations, the value of your property remains robust and unwavering. Income properties are evaluated based on their income stream, and a NNN lease effectively secures the property’s value. The security and reassurance that such an investment provides is unparalleled. Can you sense the peace of mind that comes with such stability? 

Value Preservation: Equity preservation is just one of the many advantages of investing in NNN commercial properties. Over the course of the lease, the property value is poised to appreciate, particularly when the site is strategically located in a high-traffic, high-demand area. Additionally, the building value remains steady with minimal depreciation, as corporate tenants prioritize building maintenance, renovation, and rehabilitation. These three significant investment benefits make NNN commercial properties an ideal low-risk investment opportunity, renowned for their stability, reliability, and sound financial returns. Are you considering adding investment grade properties to your portfolio? 

1031Portfolio properties are investment grade real estate opportunities that provide with Consistent Returns and meet most of the following criteria:

Single Tenant 

Triple Net Lease 

Long-Term Lease 

Corporate-Backed Guarantee Lease

Institutional Grade 

Our innovative approach to selling investment grade commercial properties through ownership or co-ownership options, provides small investors and partnerships with access to our curated collection of institutional grade properties.

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of our portfolio.


At 1031Portfolio, we offer our valued clients exclusive access to top-performing investment opportunities. We understand the importance of making informed investment decisions, and we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of 1031 exchanges with ease. Our in-house brokerage expertise allows us to provide you with the highest level of service and support, ensuring that your investment goals are met.

We encourage you to contact us prior to taking any steps regarding your exchange, as our extensive network of resources, including qualified intermediaries, enables us to provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable information available. Partner with us at 1031Portfolio and let us help you achieve your investment objectives. 

“Unlock Passive Income Opportunities and Streamline Your 1031 Exchange with 1031Portfolio”



581 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301




581 University Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301